Matthew Stanners

Thank you for visiting my site! 

Experience the liminal space, be the works only glimpses of moments that were nearly too spectacular. 


I am a 27 year old artist raised in the East Bay Area California and a University of Pennsylvania, Wharton graduate.  I was introduced to fine art through classical philosophy. In university I became particularly interested in the art historical development of the late moderns. I grew to experience the spiritual expansion of Rothko, leverage the visual storytelling of Kandinsky, brave the expression of Pollack and embrace Duchamp who unrelentingly evolved at the frontier. 

Then there was nothing to do but to take the charge. 

Love to sell or chat to any who are interested in my work. Please inquire at or dm my instagram @matthewcstanners

I Know Fear and It Is Teal

Acrylic on Canvas, 34" x 47"